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The Brasher Buick Company opened for business on June 1, 1915. The father-son team of H. “Hans” Brasher and Henry Brasher Jr. opened the doors just five years after Buick Motor Company began mass production of vehicles in Detroit. During the Great Depression, the Brasher Buick Company purchased the Chevrolet franchise from George Herder, Jr. and renamed the new organization Brasher Motor Company. After almost 25 years in business, Brasher Motor Company expanded into the local communities of Flatonia, LaGrange and Schulenburg. These locations included garages as well and new and used car lots.

Brasher Motor Company has always been a family operation. By the late 1920s, all four of Hans Brasher’s sons were working at the dealership. Jack was the bookkeeper, Francis – known to all as “Teddy” – was the parts man, and Laure was a mechanic. In 1951, David Gunn, husband of Henry Brasher, Jr.’s only child Catherine, joined the business. Over the next 25 years more of the third generation would join the company as Thomas “Tommy” Brasher and Henry Gunn became employees. 

When the elder members of the family – Henry and Teddy – died in 1981, the remaining members of the family decided to split the locations. Tommy and his wife Karen purchased the Weimar and Schulenburg properties from their cousins and named their new venture Brasher Motor Company of Weimar, Inc. In 2002, their son Scott joined the business full-time, representing the fourth generation of Brashers to work in Weimar. The Gunn family kept the LaGrange property and renamed it Brasher-Gunn, Inc. Today the two dealerships are completely separate corporations (the Weimar location owned by the Brashers and the LaGrange location owned by the Gunns) but share a common lineage.

One of the greatest strengths of Brasher Motor Company was – and still is – its employees. Besides “Mr. Henry” and “Mr. Teddy” who can forget such characters as Wilber Smith and Thomas “Rabbit” Holub in sales, Eddie “Buck” Holt pumping gas out front on Main Street, or the Sassins, Bergers and others in service? Brasher Motor Company is proud of all its employees, whether they’ve been here 45 years (and there are some!) or less than a year. Please stop by and visit with the Brashers and their employees at the dealership located on the I-10 service road just east of Weimar or in cyberspace at